offers a wide selection of precision-made STAINLESS STEEL self-piercing dies to meet the needs of most applications. Stainless steel dies are durable for many years of trouble free use.
Our self-piercing dies are designed to work interchangeably with our grommet hand presses and setting machines. Unlike many competitive machines which can make die-changing difficult or even impossible, our fully-interchangeable system enables you to quickly and easily change dies and apply different grommet sizes throughout our entire product line, saving time and money.
Our stainless steel dies are not only an outstanding value, they’re among the most durable and long-lasting self-piercing dies on the market. When our stainless steel dies eventually wear out (long after competitive dies have failed) they’re inexpensive to replace and easy to install.
The most popular dies and the machines’ capabilities are listed below. Other types of dies are available upon request. Contact us to learn more.

* Please note that #12, #8.5, and #7.5 dies are not self-piercing. The substrate needs a pre-pierced hole which can be done with any method including the user of our piercer dies. An attacher die set is used to affix and set the industrial curtain eyelet tarp grommet through the existing hole. In the case of the CS-DAM-03, a special die-set is included which will pierce a hole and set a 1”, 1-1/8” or 1 ½” ID grommet in one step.