Our European made, non rusting industrial curtain and safety curtain grommets and washers are an essential component to your industrial safety curtains. Whether you are using industrial and safety curtains for noise control, grinding and welding protection, temperature and energy control, or containment of hazardous materials, our ClipsShop rust-free brass industrial curtain and safety curtain grommets and washers in Dighton, Massachusetts and nearby communities are designed for use in a wide range of industrial applications and industries.

Weld Armor, Arc Tex, Slag Shield, Red and White Spark, Steel Scrim vinyl… whatever your material, our self-piercing industrial curtain and safety curtain grommets and washers, available in Dighton, Massachusetts, are designed to function optimally with a diverse selection of heavy duty materials and industrial fabrics.

Metalgrommets.com is the leading North American master distributor of ClipsShop products. Our state of the art industrial curtain and safety curtain grommets and washers and setting equipment will provide years of trouble free operation and reliability. Our large selection of inventory is available in a variety of finishes and sizes, including popular #2 (3/8’’ inside diameter) and #3 (7/16” inside diameter) as well as 9mm and 12mm. Most sizes and finishes are in stock available for same day shipping, along with our stainless steel setting dies and grommet setting machines. Brass (gold) and nickel (silver) are our most popular Dighton, Massachusetts industrial curtain and safety curtain grommets and washers, available in sixteen different sizesOur plain washer grommets out-perform the competition and our machines feature minimal force for installation while providing consistent pressure for optimal performance.

We carry many additional industrial curtain and safety curtain grommets and washer productivity tools as well including mobile carts, tables, alignment fixtures and LED lasers for pin point accuracy when needed. If you’re a industrial and safety curtain manufacturer, we have the European industrial curtain and safety curtain grommets and washers for your all of your safety and contamination prevention needs. To learn more about our industrial curtain and safety curtain grommets and washers products available in Dighton, Massachusetts and other locations contact the industrial grommet experts at METALgrommets.com. Buy grommets at METALgrommets.com/catalog.