The CSPIC-2 is the ultimate, professional-grade pneumatic grommet attaching machine, ideal for speeding up the grommet application process and increasing efficiency. This enhanced model comes with an advanced safety system to protect the operator while not interfering with the operator’s work. While its predecessor was also a hands-free unit, this new model is activated by the pneumatic foot pedal rather than a mechanical foot pedal for more consistent pressure and ease of application. An optional laser pointer enables operators to locate the grommet’s exact position. The CSPIC-2 works with any small air compressor.
CSPIC-2 Details

  • Hands-free use – the CSPIC-2 is operated by a pneumatic foot pedal, enabling the operator to use both hands for loading the grommet and adjusting the material during the application
  • Adjustable pneumatic pressure level
  • Completely assembled — comes as shown, with a built in table
  • Advanced safety system — built-in electronic safety system prevents accidents during the application; the operator cannot apply a grommet with a hand inside the machine
  • Optional laser pointer — an optional laser pointer can be installed on the CSPIC-2 to show the operator the exact attaching point
  • Interchangeable dies — all of our self-piercing dies up to size #12 are compatible with the CSPIC-2
  • Suitable for various materials including vinyl, corrugated plastic, other plastics, fabric, poster board and many other substrates
  • Heavy-duty, durable construction requires no special maintenance and provides years of reliable performance
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects

CSPIC-2CSPIC-2 Specifications
Technical Specifications
Applicable Grommet Sizes:
#12, #8.5, #7.5, #5.5, #3, #2 and all other sizes
Weight: 75 lbs
Dimensions (H x W x D): 41.1″ x 19.7″ x 14.2″

Unlike most traditional grommet machines that allow application of only one grommet size, the CSPIC-2 — like all machines — can set a variety of grommet sizes with a simple die-changing process.

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