How can I determine what size grommets I need?
Our grommet size chart explains the dimensions of our most popular grommets. The diagram shown here illustrates how to interpret the dimensions.

What finishes are available for your grommets?
We sell all sizes of ClipsShop grommets in antique brass, brass, chemical black oxide and nickel finish. Several popular sizes (#0 & #2) of grommets are also stocked in white paint. The white painted grommets are tin coated brass and have a small surcharge as listed and come with tin washers. #12 grommets come in 8 finishes.
PMS color matched grommets can be produced to order with a minimum of 10,000 grommets on sizes #1 and smaller or 5,000 on sizes #2 and larger. The factory may at times have other colors available in stock .

What is the difference between a grommet and an eyelet?
There is a common misconception that the use of a washer with an eyelet constitutes a grommet. While a washer can be used with an eyelet, there are important differences between the two. Typically a grommet has a larger flange diameter in relation to the hole size as compared to an eyelet. The larger flange makes a grommet stronger than an eyelet. The strength of our grommets makes them perfect for heavy materials such as canvas, leather and plastic and for industrial uses such as tarps, covers, banners and flags. In addition to being strong, our grommets are also an attractive choice for use on clothing and textiles as well as on tags and books.

What is a self-piercing grommet?
With self-piercing grommets, there is no need to pre-punch holes in the material before applying grommets! Our self-piercing grommets and dies combine two steps into one. Using one of our attaching machines, a die set and grommet works together allowing the grommet to cut its own hole in the material and close around the washer. This makes for fast and durable application. In addition, self-piercing grommets are a heavier gauge than traditional sheet metal grommets.

Do you have order minimums?
Many products can be ordered directly from our online store with no order minimums. We do have order minimums for custom sizes and shapes or special finishes. The minimum will vary based on the type of item, its complexity, material and production cost. We will be sure to discuss this with you when we are developing an estimate. Please contact us for additional information.

What is your delivery time?
Stock items will normally ship within 1 business day from receipt of an order. For non-stock items, delivery will normally run anywhere from three to four weeks. Nevertheless, whenever possible we will make every effort to meet your needs. contact us with your deadline and we will work together on a delivery schedule.

Do you sell your products to dealers, resellers and distributors?
ARMIN is the ClipsShop Premier Master Distributor for the Americas and Western Hemisphere. While is our online channel, our primary business is to service distributors like you! Sign supply companies, fastener distributors, textile accessory suppliers all sell grommets. Are you a manufacturers rep looking for a new product line? Do you or your company service a niche market which could benefit from our grommets and attaching machines? We are happy to discuss dealer opportunities with you. Contact us for more information. (Link to dealer contact us page)

I am selling this product to someone else. Can you blind ship it directly for me?
Yes we can! We encourage dealers, brokers, distributors and resellers to offer our products to their customers. We will gladly ship your products directly to your customer on your behalf. Labeling on our products do not mention or ARMIN. While ordering online, addresses can be flagged as “ship blind” to ensure shipping labels and shipping documents are completely generic and do not included prices. For large-volume dealers, we can set up templates so your company information is printed on the shipping documents

We need special packaging. Can you do that?
Most of our grommets and washers are pre-packaged in bags of 500 pieces. We can repackage any of our products according to your specifications. Whether you want one unit per package or 10,000 units per package, we can accommodate you. If you would like multiple products boxed into individual kits or any other special requests, please let us know. We will quote all custom packaging or kitting on a per-project basis. Contact us for more details and a custom quotation.

I don’t see my question here. Help!
Don’t worry! We have a dedicated team ready and able to answer any of your questions. Simply contact one of our customer service representatives to help you out.

You can also look at our YouTube channel to see if any of our tutorial videos helps answer your questions.