Attaching Machines
We currently offer seven styles of ClipsShop brand grommet-attaching machines to meet a wide range of industrial, commercial, and retail needs. These durable and reliable presses, hand presses, and grommet machines are easy-to-use and will provide years of trouble-free operation. All machines come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Self-Piercing Dies
We  offer ClipsShop brand stainless-steel self-piercing grommet setting dies in 11 sizes from #XX00 (1/8″ ID) to #12 (1 1/2″ ID). Our high-quality, interchangeable grommet-setting dies mount securely to a variety of ClipsShop brand bench hand presses and pneumatic presses for use with setting, self-piercing metal brass grommets. Other dies are available by special order that enable secure application of rivets, snaps, vents, clamps, quick rivets, or other fasteners.

Grommets & Washers
We carry an extensive inventory of European-made solid brass grommets in a variety of finishes, designed to work seamlessly with ClipsShop stainless steel setting dies. Our product portfolio includes more than 10 of the most popular sizes of ClipsShop brand self-piercing grommets at incredible prices. Grommets and washers in 9 popular metal finishes are available for immediate shipment (NOTE: not all colors are available from stock in all sizes). Click here to view a color chart. With a minimum order of 5,000 grommets in the same size and color, we can paint them to match virtually any PMS color.