The CSTEP-2 is an innovative grommet attaching hand press. Applying grommets with a bench press has never been so easy! CSTEP-2’s innovative European design offers many advantages compared to standard hand press machines.

    • Unique lever design — our newly-engineered lever helps reduce the hand force required to apply grommets as compared to a typical hand press.
    • Enlarged throat depth — the deeper throat provides highly flexible grommet placement. Because of this, attach a grommet as much as 4” in from the edge of your project.
    • Soft-grip handle — our new soft handle grip provides increased user comfort during application.
    • Easy to move – its small size and light weight make it easy to move around. Therefore it is both portable and can be mounted to a bench.
    • Simple to use — even amateur users can easily operate the CSTEP-2 with little training
    • Interchangeable self-piercing dies — all of our precision-made stainless steel self-piercing dies in 10 grommet sizes from #XX00 (1/8 hole size) up to size #5.5 (11/16” ID) are compatible with the CSTEP-2. Self-piercing dies used with self-piercing non-rusting solid brass metal grommets cut the hole and attach the grommet in a single step on most materials
    • Advanced design provides more than 1,200 lbs for force
    • Compatible with ClipsShop proprietary 2-step dies — Because of this, the CSTEP-2 is perfect for X-large eyelets of #7.5 (25 mm), #8.5 (28 mm), and even #12 (40 mm) grommets.
    • Use the GrommetSniper alignment fixture for precise positioning and spacing of grommets. Similarly, use the EyeleD red LED positioning pointer to accurately align printed registration marks.
    • Utilizes either self-piercing grommets or curtain eyelets. Most noteworthy, the CSTEP-2 is precise enough to set the smallest grommets and strong enough to set the largest.
    • Heavy-duty, durable construction requires no special maintenance and provides years of  reliable performance
    • One-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects

ClipsShop CSTEP-2 manual grommet attaching machine )

Applicable Grommet Sizes:
SELF-PIERCING GROMMETS:  #5.5 (11/16),  #5 (5/8),  #4 (1/2),  #3 (7/16),  #2 (3/8),  #1 (5/16),  #0 (1/4),  #00 (3/16),  #X00 (11/64),  #XX00 (1/8)
CURTAIN EYELETS & GROMMETS: #7.5 (1″ ID 25 mm), #8.5 (1 1/8 hole size 28 mm), #12 (40 mm 1 1/2″)
Weight: 15 lbs
Dimensions (H x W x D): 17″ x 3 1/4″ x 8 3/4″

The ClipsShop CSTEP-2 — like all machines — can set a variety of grommet sizes with a simple die-changing process.

Buy grommets in 10 sizes and 5 different color finishes. Shop for self-piercing stainless steel setting dies. And most importantly, purchase ClipsShop’s innovative manual and pneumatic attaching machines at our online store.


CSTEP-2 advanced hand press grommet attacher