carries the complete line of ClipsShop dies & hand tools.  This includes self-piercing grommet dies & proprietary self-cleaning dies for self-piercing metal grommets. We also proudly carry innovative two-step piercing & attaching dies, traditional separate cutting dies and setting dies for large grommets. All dies including the hand setting tools for curtain eyelets – are fabricated from high-quality STAINLESS STEEL using state of the art CNC milling machines & lathes.

There are 10 sizes of self-piercing grommet dies used for attaching ClipsShop rust-proof solid brass self-piercing metal grommets. There’s a combination of ClipsShop grommet attaching machine, grommets & setting dies to meet the needs of most applications. Stainless steel dies are durable for many years of trouble free use.

ClipsShop manual and pneumatic grommet machines are designed to accept interchangeability self-piercing grommet dies. Other specialty hole cutting and grommet attaching dies are also interchangeable. Many choices for optimal flexibility and productivity using all types of grommet attaching dies and self-piercing grommet dies

Our stainless steel dies are an outstanding value and among the most durable, long-lasting self-piercing grommet dies on the market. When and if our stainless steel dies eventually wear out (long after competitive dies have failed) they’re easy to replace and easy to install.

The most popular dies and the machines’ capabilities are listed below. Other types of dies are available upon request. Contact us to learn more.

* Please note that #12, #8.5, and #7.5 grommets are not self piercing use the separate hole cutter and grommet setting dies or the innovative 2-step dies. All ClipsShop dies are quality-made for easy of use, efficiency and to help you make beautiful & durable products! The substrate needs a pre-pierced hole which can be done with any method. An attacher die is used to affix and set the industrial curtain eyelet tarp grommet through the hole. The CS-DAM-03, a special die-set is included which will pierce a hole and set a 1”, 1-1/8” or 1 ½” ID grommet in one step

State-of-the-art double action CS-DAM-03 pneumatic machine uses special 2-stage dies. The CS-DAM-03 dies are specially designed for punching a hole and attaching ClipsShop grommets/eyelets all in a broad range of industrial fabrics with a single cycle. The process is optimal large eyelets such as #7.5 (25 mm), 8.5 (28 mm) and #12 (40 mm) hole size.