CSDAM-3 Overview

The CSDAM-03 is a state-of-the-art pneumatic machine specifically designed for punching a hole in a broad range of industrial fabrics and attaching ClipsShop grommets/eyelets and washers, all in a single cycle. This machine is especially suitable for attaching large-size eyelets such as #12 (40 mm hole size) to speed up the eyelet application process and increase efficiency.

The CSDAM-03 contains a substantial amount of stainless steel to increase oxidation resistance. Special surface treatment for metal hardening is applied to reduce the need for machine maintenance and significantly increase the life span of the machine.

Unlike many competitive machines, the CSDAM-03 features high-precision thickness adjustability, enabling large eyelets to be reliably and consistently applied to a wide range of substrates – from highly sensitive materials to very heavy fabrics.

All of the setting tools are interchangeable and are simply attached in place, enabling fast conversions between different eyelet sizes. With all these advantages, the reliable CSDAM-03 is an ideal pneumatic machine for applying large eyelets without pre-hole piercing, perfect for tarpaulin and drapery workshops.

CSDAM-3 Details

  • Hole punching and eyelet-attaching in a single step
  • Stainless steel parts — a special surface treatment helps provide superior oxidation resistance
  • Easily interchangeable tooling enables various eyelet sizes to be applied with a single machine
  • Safety system — the built-in electronic safety system prevents accidents during application; the operator cannot apply a grommet with a hand inside the machine
  • Built-in adjustable alignment fixture to uniformly locate the distance between eyelets and the distance from the edge
  • Interchangeable dies. All METALgrommets.com self-piercing dies #7.5 and larger are compatible with the CSDAM-3
  • Suitable for applications on various materials. Vinyl, corrugated plastic, other plastics, fabric, poster board and many other substrates
  • Heavy duty durable machine. Lasts for years
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty against defects

CSDAM-3CSDAM-3  Specifications
Technical Specifications
Applicable Grommet Sizes:
#12, #8.5, #7.5, #5.5
Weight: 138 lbs
Dimensions (H x W x D):
51.75″ x 21.25″ x 21.25″

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