Authorized ClipsShop Grommet Dealer Opportunities for Distributors, Brokers and Resellers!

Firstly, if you want to increase your revenue, then consider selling ClipsShop grommets, eyelets & attaching machines. In fact, many industries use self-piercing metal grommets. Furthermore, a near infinite number of products are made with eyelets and grommets. Items such as truck covers, tarps, banners, awnings, shade screens and curtains contain grommets, for example.

Do you own a sign supply company or work for a distributor of fasteners? Similarly, does your company resell fabric, findings & accessories to the textile trade? Are your customers in a niche market using metal grommets during manufacturing?

If this sounds familiar, then you’re already selling consumable products. More importantly, many of your customers are already using metal grommets and eyelets. As a result, selling ClipsShop brass eyelets, grommets and attaching machines will increase your bottom line and create value for your customers.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity. Learn how to become an Authorized ClipsShop Grommet Dealer. Contact us for more information.

METAL is the ClipsShop Premier Master Distributor for the Americas. Our primary business is to support resellers like you! To sum it up, we look forward to growing business together.