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Attaching Machines Self-Piercing Dies
Products - Grommets & Washers's ClipsShop brand of self-piercing grommets and washers are made from high-quality solid brass and are produced in Europe with many optional colors and finishes. Nine stock finishes* - brass, nickel, chemical black oxide, antique brass, satin brass, satin nickel, gun metal, white paint and copper oxide - are available from stock for fast delivery. (note that not all colors are immediately available in all sizes.) In addition to this large selection of stock grommet finishes, our grommets can be produced upon request in almost any color from a PMS chart with an extended lead time and a production minimum of usually 10,000 sets on smaller grommet sizes and 5,000 sets on larger grommet sizes. Please ask us for more details on how to order custom painted colored self-piercing brass grommets.

Please note: Solid brass grommets will not rust! Brass will not stick to a magnet. If your existing metal grommets stick to a magnet then they are only brass plated steel and they will rust. Buy quality European made brass banner grommets from stock at , your source to buy grommets.

* Not all colors listed are available from stock in all sizes. To buy grommets check the catalog to see which grommet colors are stocked in which size of metal grommets.

** Hole Size after setting slightly varies depending on the thickness of applied material.

*** Actual dimensions may vary from the above figures slightly in view of the production tolerances.

**** Thickness of washers may not represent the visible thickness of grommet&washer combination at the rear side of the substrate after application. Depending on the thickness of the applied substrate and the application technique, the grommet in its bent form, may be thicker than the washer.

The self-piercing grommets offered by function together with our specially designed setting dies. This combination enables the grommet setting machine to pierce the material and set a grommet in a single action without pre-punching a hole. Excellent results are obtained on many materials including vinyl banners.

Our ClipsShop metal brass grommets have a solid reputation and is the place to buy grommets that are regarded as one of the highest quality lines in the market. For the most assertive fashion designs or for heavy-duty industrial applications, we suggest you trust fasteners to make your products attractive and durable.

Along with the unsurpassed quality, offers competitive prices for all of our self-piercing grommets. Please visit the store  to review our prices and buy grommets. We doubt you will find fasteners of this quality and lower prices anywhere! To buy grommets visit the online catalog.

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