ClipsShop is one of the world’s largest distributors of industrial products and a leading international supplier of metal grommets and grommet attachment machines.

Based in the country Turkey in Eastern Europe, ClipsShop serves all major regions of the world, including South, North and Central America through As a respected designer, manufacturer, and exporter of grommet-related products and systems, ClipsShop serves a wide range of industries and applications that rely upon top-quality, rugged, and reliable grommets and eyelets.

ClipsShop maintains its leading position in the market by achieving extremely short lead times, thanks to its vast supply of off-the-shelf products. The company is proud of it advanced supply chain management system, which allows it to make fast shipments. In 2015, our shipment lead time has been an average of less than 5 days.

Thanks to a strict quality inspection and assurance program, the company takes pride in its reputation for consistent product and service quality that does not compromise a competitive pricing strategy. As a result of decades-long and never-ending efforts to develop, build and supply “problem-free” products, ClipsShop is proud to carry a brand name that has become a symbol of reliability in the industry.

To keep pace with rapidly-evolving commercial and industrial needs — and to anticipate future ones — ClipsShop invests heavily in researching and developing innovative new products using the latest technologies, such as “smart” grommet-attaching machines and cutting-edge grommet designs, styles, and sizes to meet changing customer needs.