Banner and Sign Metal Grommets for Fargo, North Dakota

image of banner grommets

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European made and produced by ClipsShop, the leading international supplier, our non-rusting banner and sign metal grommets for Fargo, North Dakota are an essential component to your signage and displays. Banner and sign metal grommets are designed to prevent tearing in your banner and signage materials. Metal grommets are the standard in signage grommets and provide a longer lasting hold ensuring all your sales, promotional, and marketing materials stand up in harsh environments. carries the industry’s largest inventory of banner and sign metal grommets for Fargo, North Dakota and everywhere else, ready to ship from our centrally-located Chicago warehouse for quick turnaround. Carrying 13 hole sizes, -including popular 3/16”(#00), ⅜”(#2), 7/16”(#3). can deliver on time and on budget to meet your production schedule. As the leading North American distributor of ClipsShop brand products, we provide our customers with the world’s best banner and sign metal grommets and the equipment needed to attach them.

In addition to our banner and sign metal grommets for Fargo, North Dakota, our high quality pneumatic machines out-perform the competition, and our state of the art accessories are designed to increase versatility and efficiency. Our CSTIDY-41 pneumatic machine is affordable and portable, weighing only 15lbs., and uses no electricity. Attach it to a bench; use it with our CSTIDY-41 Mobile Cart or the CSTIDY-41 table, both specifically designed to increase productivity with this machine. The CSTIDY-41 metal grommet attaching machine can set a variety of sizes of banner and sign metal grommets with the interchangeable stainless steel dies.

In addition to banner and sign metal grommets, we provide the highest quality:

Vinyl, corrugated plastic, fabric, canvas, foam board, Gatorboard, Falconboard — the possibilities are endless! The CSTIDY-41 machine is suitable for various materials and substrates. Furthermore, setting Fargo, North Dakota banner and sign metal grommets with accuracy has never been easier with our Grommet Sniper™, -designed to precisely space metal grommets uniformly – increasing versatility and efficiency.

If you’re in the banner and signage industry, we have the fine European grommets and washers for all your marketing materials. You’ll find our non-rusting, commercial-grade banner and sign metal grommets will meet – and even exceed – your requirements. To learn more about our banner and sign metal grommets in Fargo, North Dakota, contact the metal grommets experts at Buy grommets at