Check out our full line of #12 drapery and curtain grommets that are designed for use with ClipsShop® setting equipment.


ClipsShop® #12 Grommet Sets include a grommet and washer each made from quality materials and supplied in 8 popular colors: antique brass, brass, satin brass, black oxide, copper oxide, nickel, satin nickel, and gun metal. These grommets are totally compatible with the Rowley® hand tool and bench press and the ClipsShop® CSBUR-1 press which generate a high mechanical impact for attaching these 1-1/2” metal grommets.


Suitable for manufacturers of awnings, curtains, draperies, tarpaulins, tents, and related products, ClipsShop® #12 Grommet Sets are packaged in bags of 25 sets and bags of 100 sets for each of the 8 colors. Custom colors and finishes are available upon request.