Grommeting Machine for Mitchell, South Dakota

Metal grommets are critical components for providing reinforced lashing points on a wide variety of heavy-duty fabric products such as banners, awnings, canopies, vehicle covers and outdoor shades. As the leading distributor of metal grommets throughout the United States we’re proud of the wide range of precision-made, commercial-grade metal grommets we stock for virtually any type of fabric and covering available. But to use these quality grommets you need to reliably attach them with a Mitchell, South Dakota grommeting machine

At we stock every popular type of grommeting machine for Mitchell, South Dakota, including: 

  • Hand-held grommet-attaching tools
  • Bench press machines
  • Portable hand grommeting pliers
  • Pneumatic grommet presses
  • Bench-mount hand presses 

We carry the complete line of ClipsShop brand manual grommet hand presses, grommet attaching machines and pneumatic attaching machines for metal brass grommets and eyelets. But to choose the right Mitchell, South Dakota grommeting machine for your application, it’s important to know the volume of pieces you need to process as well as the range of fabric types and thicknesses. 

For high volumes, an automatic grommeting machine for Mitchell, South Dakota may be the best choice. It uses electric power to both feed and set the grommet into the right position. Depending on the model you’re considering, a conversion kit can often be included in your purchase to enable you to switch the size and type of grommet needed for various manufacturing runs. 

Regardless of your particular industry and application, can provide you with the right grommet to fit your requirements, as well as the highest quality stainless steel setting die sets, interchangeable dies, piercing and attaching hand tool sets, and pneumatic grommet-attaching machines to securely and reliably attach your grommets. 

To learn more about choosing the right grommets and grommeting machine for Mitchell, South Dakota, contact the grommet specialists here at