Metal Grommets for Gardner, Massachusetts

Metal grommets are used to hang, attach, and secure a remarkably wide range of products – tarpaulins, curtains, flags, sails, shoes, screens, wall hangings, and more. If you’re a manufacturer looking for grommets for your next retail, commercial, or industrial product, Dighton, MA-based offers one of the largest inventories of grommets around.

If you need to incorporate grommet attachment into your production or assembly line, we offer a wide variety of grommet materials and sizes as well as a complete set of tools to attach them:

  • Manual tool sets for low-volume custom piercing and attachment
  • Pneumatic attaching systems for high-volume production
  • Interchangeable stainless steel die sets
  • Grommets and washers in popular sizes and finishes, including brass, nickel, aluminum and plastic

Our Gardner, Massachusetts metal grommets are used in a remarkable range of products by manufacturers across the country – everything from residential shower curtains, to medical privacy drapes, to heavy-duty industrial safety screens.

Metal grommets for Gardner, Massachusetts are typically used to reinforce holes in leather, plastic and rubber sheeting, canvas, and other heavy-duty and medium-weight fabrics. Grommets can be made of metal, rubber, or plastic and are easily used in a wide array of products and projects, requiring only the grommet itself and, in low volumes, a simple punch to attach it — a metal rod with a convex tip that can be struck with a hammer to set the grommet. In higher volumes, a pneumatic system is used to rapidly and reliably set metal grommets, either as part of a manufacturing line, or as a separate action to prepare fabric or some other material to be hung or secured in some fashion.

If you need Gardner, Massachusetts metal grommets to create durable, functional, and attractive products for hanging or securing, contact the grommet specialists here at