introduces an expanded selection of ClipsShop® brand self-piercing metal grommets & washers with gripping teeth which provide strong holding power in a wide range of demanding commercial & industrial applications.

Both 1/2″ ID #4 brass grommets and 5/8″ ID hole size #5 metal grommets are sold with special gripping teeth washers. All sizes of ClipsShop® Self-piercing grommet sets – including #4 and #5 – are made from solid brass and are stocked in 4 finishes: Nickel, Brass, Chemical Black Oxide & Antique Brass

ClipsShop® self-piercing metal grommets are non-rusting, produced with premium material for durability and engineered for optimal piercing ability . Rust proof self-piercing metal grommets & washers with gripping teeth have proven well suited for demanding commercial applications such as awnings, privacy screens, truck covers, tarpaulins, industrial curtains, tents, banners, flags & more. sells all sizes of ClipsShop® self-piercing metal grommets  from #XX00 (1/8″ ID) – #5.5 (11/16″ ID) in bags of 500 grommet/washer sets. Volume discounts are available in the online store.

Washers with gripping teeth are ideal for applications where there is tension under use and, when properly installed, will help prevent a grommet from being pulled out of the hole. The gripping teeth on #4 and #5 grommet washers are ideal for multiple layers and thicker materials subjected to pulling, high winds, and similar conditions. Gripping teeth washers may also work well with thinner materials that have the tendency to stretch.

Free samples are available upon request and dealer inquiries are invited.