Quickly and accurately attach metal grommets with the industry’s first grommet alignment fixture! The ClipsShop GrommetSniper™ is made exclusively to fit the CSTEP-2 hand bench press and CS-TIDY series pneumatic machines. It can be easily and firmly installed without any special tools.

Designed for easy setup and operation, the GrommetSniper™ alignment and spacing fixture features a telescoping, smooth, roller bearing horizontal ruler, a rigid adjustable edge-alignment fence, high contrast imperial English-metric graduations, and a strong knurled thumbscrew for locking the desired adjustment.

Precisely locate and uniformly space grommets from 2” to 23 3/4” (50 to 600mm) between the grommets and 3/4″ to 3 1/4″ (15 to 80 mm) from the edge of the substrate material. ClipsShop’s GrommetSniper™ eliminates the need for printed location marks, accelerates the grommet application process, and the increased accuracy reduces waste.

The CSTEP-2 Hand Grommet Press is portable, easy to operate, uses interchangeable self-piercing dies, and its adjustable bottom stop prevents crushing and assures a consistent grommet application. Use the standard-size GrommetSniper™ with non-rusting brass grommets in sizes ranging from #XX00 (1/8” – 3.4 mm ID) to #5.5 (1 1/16“ – 17 mm hole size) . Use the exclusive new 2-step cutting & attaching dies together with the Large GrommetSniper™ and apply #7.5 (1″ ID – 25mm), #8.5 (1.125″ ID – 28mm) and #12 (1 1/2″ ID – 40mm) curtain eyelets large grommets!