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Get strong holding power! Use grommets & washers with gripping teeth introduces an expanded selection of ClipsShop® brand self-piercing metal grommets & washers with gripping teeth which provide strong holding power in a wide range of demanding commercial & industrial applications. Both 1/2" ID #4 brass...

Self-piercing copper grommets have virus-killing antimicrobial properties offers ClipsShop's solid brass self-piercing grommets with a copper finish in 12 different sizes. As you may know, copper has many health benefits. Importantly, copper is naturally an anti-microbial material. Bacteria like E. coli, viral infections...

CSTEP-2 — The only manual grommet bench press with an LED light positioning pointer

ClipsShop® introduces the 7th generation of its innovative CSTEP-2™ manual grommet bench press. While weighing only 15 lbs, the re-engineered CSTEP-2™ is the strongest in its class. An average person can apply as much as 1,700 lbf of force - enough to attach a 1-1/2"...

GrommetSniper™ Alignment Fixture

Quickly and accurately attach metal grommets with the industry’s first grommet alignment fixture! The ClipsShop GrommetSniper™ is made exclusively to fit the CSTEP-2 hand bench press and CS-TIDY series pneumatic machines. It can be easily and firmly installed without...

Drapery Grommets

Check out our full line of #12 drapery and curtain grommets that are designed for use with ClipsShop® setting equipment.   ClipsShop® #12 Grommet Sets include a grommet and washer each made from quality materials and supplied...

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SELF PIERCING DIES Our high-quality, interchangeable grommet-setting dies mount securely to a variety of ClipsShop brand bench hand presses and pneumatic presses for use with setting, self-piercing metal brass grommets.

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Our product portfolio includes more than 10 of the most popular sizes of ClipsShop brand self-piercing grommets at incredible prices.

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Our package deal offers a terrific price on a complete starter set including a self-piercing die and a large supply of grommets.

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We currently offer seven styles of ClipsShop brand grommet-attaching machines to meet a wide range of industrial, commercial, and retail needs.